Shape your own two-dimensional world



OpenClonk is a curious mixture of genres that combines real-time strategy with action, adventure, and some platforms. This amounts to a gaming experience like that of Terraria, which is more recent and better known. In OpenClonk, however, you control clonks, these small humanoid creatures that can alter terrain with various tools. They can cut stone to make tunnels, cut trees for timber, dig using a shovel, and so on.

The creative part involves more strategy and planning, but it's only a small part of the game. The clonks will also have to defend themselves with an arsenal of weapons for melee and distance attacks.

One of the best parts of OpenClonk is that you can compete against other players in duels in which you can use swords, shields, rifles, and bows. Usually your best weapon, however, is choosing the right terrain on which to fight.

OpenClonk is fun to play both alone and in multiplayer mode. Not surprisingly, it improves upon many of the already excellent features of Clonk, which is the original game on which this one is based.